Patient Testimonials
“One of life’s greatest pleasures can be eating food. Two of my favorites are Corn-on-the-cob and Ribs. It wasn’t until two front teeth had to be removed did I realize the lost art of enjoying these foods. After 6 months, my missing teeth were replaced by implants by Dr. Brad. ‘Wow!’ Corn-on-the-cob and ribs are now better than ever. Sometimes you don’t know how great something is until you lose it and later regain it. Thanks Dr. Brad and Staff!"
Elmer (Moe)
“Thank you for your kindness and patience during my treatment. I love my new smile!”
“I appreciate your excellent care, concern, and professional staff. You’re the best!”
Gratefully yours, Betty.
Dr. McAllister and Staff, I want to thank you for the exceptional care I have received at your office. I truly enjoyed myself during my procedure! I also want to thank you for working around my schedule."
Thanks again! Erica
“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great job. I’ve been eating fresh corn on the cob with no problems and feel like there is nothing I cannot eat!”