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3D Cone Beam CT (Carestream CS9300 and CS8100)

CT scanner at Periodontal Associates.With modern technology taking off and given in to the convenience of the digital era, it does make it seem like we are living the far-off future. With the advancement of x-rays and other incredible new-age tools designed to improve the quality of care patients deserve, it is no surprise to learn that there are several new devices that can be used to give a more accurate representation of what exactly is going on in your mouth. Here at Periodontal Associates, we are excited to teach you what we know about 3D imaging in regards to keeping up with the modernization of dental care.

Entering into The Digital World

It can be hard to believe that we are living during a time where people can still remember what it was like before the recent boom of technological advancement. Heavy manila folders filled with x-ray images, papers, and graphs of potential procedures, and having to search through individual bulky files to find exactly what it was you were looking for is an inconvenience many people are grateful to do without.

With the upgrade of much of the equipment found in standard dental offices, not only does digital imaging makes it that much easier for you to keep up with important paperwork, but it can also put all necessary information in one location so it can be found with the click of a button. If there are multiple people who will be working with you when it comes to your treatment, the files can be emailed immediately and as soon as they are needed.

How Cone Beam Imaging Can Benefit You

For years two-dimensional photographs have been relied on very heavily for predicting possible courses of treatment based off of what we can see. Thanks to the rapid advancement of the computer generation, the only real advantage now is that it is difficult to change the original x-ray film, whereas, with digital, of course, there are dozens of programs designed specifically for altering pictures that can be taken with a camera.

With an accurate 3-D scan of your mouth and the area around it, we can quickly detect any trouble spots that may need immediate attention. We are also able to viably predict a treatment plan that is capable of addressing issues before they can evolve. Recent CT machines are much faster and effective, in addition to having a very low risk of radiation. You can feel comfortable knowing the amount of exposure you are receiving is practically nothing when compared to older designs.

Before the exam, we will ask you to remove any metal on your head, including jewelry, glasses, or hearing aids so as not to interfere with the image. During the scan, it is important that you do not move your head or talk. Each image takes only about a minute to complete. This entire procedure generally lasts only about half an hour. This process should be painless, and no special precautions are necessary beforehand. You should be able to go home after and eat as usual.

Two excellent and highly recommended 3D Cone Beam CT machines are designed especially for this purpose. The Carestream CS 9300 demonstrates superior details that work well for a variety of applications such as implants and surgery. It is celebrated for its versatility and convenience. The Carestream CS 8100 is also an exemplary tool that boasts the ability to control settings that greatly enhance size and resolution masterfully. It has several impressive functions which allow for even more dental procedures to be done from the comfort of our office.

There are many amazing advancements happening every year in the field of dentistry and Periodontal Associates is happy to be able to offer you the latest in oral imaging technology. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to call us at (971) 317-8414.
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