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Esthetic Crown Lengthening for the Gummy Smile

A smiling of a woman after her gum lift surgery at Periodontal Associates For many of us, taking optimal care of our oral hygiene can be as natural as breathing. We are often very proud of how bright, even, and healthy, our smile can be, as it is a testament to how well we take care of our dental needs. Unfortunately, it is often out of our control just how gummy our grin can be, and this excess gum tissue may be enough to make the most lovely of smiles self-consciously fade out of sight. Periodontal Associates wants to see you happy and can tell you several ways possible to fix problem areas that can help you to beam with confidence!

What Defines A Gummy Smile?

Many people feel uncomfortable with having too much gum showing because they feel like it makes them look younger than they are. It will probably make you feel better to know that in general, the causes are predominantly genetic. The problem most likely is caused when your teeth, tissues, and jaw are not in line with one another. Another possible cause could be from the wear that comes from grinding your teeth. There are ways to repair your gums, though, and many of them can become quite permanent.

Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem

One of the best ways of regenerating your smile is through the process known as crown lengthening. While under anesthesia, incisions are made along the gumline to pull the excess of gum away that is covering the tooth and then simply remove it. For some, it can be as simple and as easy as this, with the procedure taking around an hour and a half. For others who may have just too much tissue or even some of the jaw getting in the way, a little bit of bone could need to be extracted as well.

For the standard process, stitches can be taken out as early as a week after surgery. It may take at least six months for your mouth to heal well enough for other restorative operations to be considered. It is considered an extremely effective means of treating a gummy smile, especially when combined with a lip repositioning surgery. With this, a bit of tissue from the underside of your upper lip may be given a small slice and then pulled down just a little bit. Once it has been secured with a few simple stitches, after the recovery time, the lip will naturally cover more of the gum through limited movement.

Benefits of having a crown lengthening, besides how much you will probably love the results, including being able to maintain your daily oral routine much easier without the abundance of excess gum tissue getting in the way of your care. Why wait for the opportunity to change the quality of your life with such a simple and effective procedure that can be available now? If you would like more information about how we can help you regain your confidence, please give us here at Periodontal Associates a call at (971) 317-8414 without delay!
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