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Stem Cell Based Bone Grafting

A hygenist showing an x-ray to a patient at Periodontal AssociatesIn the past, a bone graft was a fairly intensive procedure. We would have to take donor tissue from other parts of your body and attach it to the surgical site, using special material to try to encourage it to affix properly. However, we here at Periodontal Associates are excited to introduce a newer, more promising technology that can help streamline and facilitate the entire bone graft procedure. By using stem cells, we can help our patients have more successful bone grafts with less uncertainty and discomfort.

How Does a Stem Cell Based Bone Graft Differ?

Tooth loss is often accompanied by bone loss. This is because the presence of teeth can stimulate the bone in the mouth, encouraging it to regenerate and stay healthy and strong. When tooth loss occurs, therefore, the body may start to reabsorb the bone in the mouth. This can lead to atrophy at the site of the tooth loss.

In the past, a bone graft required the placement of donor tissue at the site of the tooth loss. Typically, this involved placing a surgical incision on the gums to expose the dental bone. The donor material (which could come from a cadaver, an animal, or from the patient’s own body) would then be placed at the surgical site.

Today, we can use stem cells to improve the bone graft. The donor tissue is normally blood cells that come from the patient, which means that patients who have questions about the sourcing do not need to be concerned about the donor tissue. These stem cells can then help regenerate the ligaments and the cementum of the tooth, generating a strong, healthy, and functional restoration of the bone material in the patient’s mouth.

What are the Advantages of a Stem Cell Based Bone Graft?

When compared to traditional bone grafts, stem cell-based bone grafts have many distinct advantages. One key advantage of a stem cell bone graft is that they are typically completed in our office. This helps eliminate the need for a lengthy hospital stay. Because they are less invasive than traditional bone grafts, that means that they can also be more affordable than conventional bone grafts, as well.

Not all patients are good candidates for traditional bone grafts. This is less of a concern with stem cell-based bone grafts. Stem cell bone grafts can be good for patients of all ages (including elderly patients) and those who may have pre-existing conditions (which can include certain autoimmune disorders, cancer, and diabetes) that may eliminate them from candidacy for a traditional bone graft.

Bone grafts not only help patients who have considered dental implants, but they can also benefit individuals who may be at elevated risk of tooth loss due to loss of surrounding bone and gum tissue. If you would like to learn more about the incredible technology that is making stem cell based bone grafts a reality, or you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us here at Periodontal Associates, please give us a call today at (971) 317-8414!
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